Philadelphia at Night

Come see the virtual gallery of my latest work: Philadelphia At Night.

The NYC Collection

The NYC Collection is comprised of photos taken in the Village and in Brooklyn's Prospect Park at dusk.  I had the joy of seeing my friend Dave perform in Bedlam's "Pride and Prejudice" and took a few shots while I was there.  I hope you enjoy them!

Art For Good

When you specify any eligible non-profit at checkout, 50% of the profits will be donated to that organization.  Additionally, you will receive a print from the Philadelphia At Night collection, which is my gift to you.

Strasburg Rail Yard

I have a lot of new work, but most of it is posted on Etsy now.

Feel free to take a look at some of my new work, visit my etsy store, or just continue on your merry way.


Phila360 is a store and gallery for Sean Leber’s photography.  Sean specializes in taking panoramic photography and all the prints on this site are listed at their original size.  My prints are great at filling large empty walls with high resolution detailed beauty.  But your home may be more refined, and require a smaller sized print to adorn your walls.  No problem! Just send me a message here with the print name (or a link to the print) with your preferred dimmensions.  The prints listed here are generally huge, and their price reflects their size.  Smaller prints can range anywhere from $75-250 depending on their size.  If you want to frame any of these prints, please send me the specific dimmensions of your frame and I can crop the image for a five dollar fee.  Orders over $300 will have all cropping fees waived.

You can also see some of my prints listed at various sizes on Etsy.

My New Stuff …

These photos were taken in a range of different places, from Durham, NC to Boston, MA.  There are some of Philly in here as well.  I hope you enjoy.